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Welcome to our webshop!

If you love Japanese culture and want a truly unique mug, this is the place for you. Most of the ceramics you will find here are in ink painting style. Each one is handmade and therefore unique. However, don't be intimidated, these are utilitarian objects that you can put in the microwave or even the dishwasher.

If my creations are so appealing to you, I can even make you a complete set of dishes or glasses. 

With our mugs and cups, we try to cater for a variety of needs. You'll find mugs with and without handles. Yes, we know that mugs with ears are less common in Japanese culture, but they are also more common in our culture, and we find it hard to give up the comfort of the familiar.

Muesli bowl dancing cranes BeweCeramics

For deep plates click here

With our flat plates, you can choose from a range of sizes, depending on whether you're just about to have a bite to eat or you're a really big eater and want to pile up a lot of food. Or you'll also find serving plates, which we've designed with a separate space for our mugs so you can fit a loaf of bread alongside your cocoa.

Sauce bowl bunny

For sauce bowl click here

For mugs click here

You can eat soup, cereal or even a snack from our deep plates. We won't be offended if you offer peanuts to your guests. :)  We've also thought of those who eat with chopsticks and made a chopstick version for you.

Plate brooding lady BeweCeramics

For flat plates click here

When you think of Japanese kitchen, almost everyone thinks of soy sauce and wasabi. Well so do we, and we wanted to make sure you know where to put your favourite sauces when you're eating out. That's why we've made sauce bowls that don't even confuse with mustard, of course :)

We haven't forgotten the ladies either, so I've also made necklaces if you're looking for something special. Or you want to surprise your partner with something nice.

Necklace fox BeweCeramics

For nacklace click here

Incense holder ladybug BeweCeramics

For miscellaneous click here

Last but not least, there is the miscellaneous category. Here you will find my works that did not fit into the previous categories. Currently you can find incense holders here.

Useful information, things to know

Because of Hungarian tax regulation I can only sell to private individuals, not to companies.

Our webshop is not fully automated for these reasons. I confirm all orders personally by e-mail.

You can pay by credit card via the payment link sent in the confirmation email through the MyPos system, or if you prefer to transfer the money, you can do that too.

We don't have a shop at the moment so I can deliver the products to you by courier, or you can pick them up in person at events.

If any of my products are out of stock, you can pre-order them at the price advertised in the webshop. If you want to change anything on it, you can visit my custom order page where I can even paint a completely custom design.

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