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Look, it’s ceramic painting! Wow, how beautiful!
They are delightful

Would you like a hand painted plate? Or looking for a special gift for someone, like a unique mug? Visit our webshop. If you can't find something there that you really like or you want something unique, check out our custom order page. If you need inspiration or just want to see what I've created so far, you can find lots of pictures of my creations in the gallery.

Below you will find a short description of how I create.

BeWeceramics Japanese fisherman plate

Japanese fisherman

BeweCeramics cereal bowl cute fox


BeWeCeramics Japanese ceramic brooding lady plate

3 rd date on tile

How does a dream or a memory become reality? Well, let's see...

Take the first picture below, for example. They were taken on a beautiful Greek island and we cropped them. This is what I wanted to capture for ourselves to have as part of our bathroom. I sketched it, painted it. Picture 2 shows, what it looked like before burning. And picture 3 shows how it looked after burning. So a memory became a real tile that we could put on the wall in our bathroom.

BeweCeramics idea image 1
BeweCeramics idea image 2

Original photo

BeweCeramics tile before firing

before burning

BeweCeramics tile after firing

after firing

If you would like to delight someone (else) or yourself with a custom, hand painted, ceramic, contact me and I can help you even with working out your idea.

What can be painted on ceramics?

Almost anything - non-figurative figures, folk art motifs, photographs, cartoon characters, animals, landscapes - the only limit is your imagination.

BeWeCeramics serwing bowl

What is there to know about the ceramics I paint?

Oh yes, you can eat and drink from them, even put them in the dishwasher and they won't fall out  with  the microwave. You can even incorporate the tiles into your bathroom. We couldn't find any tiles we liked either, so I painted my memories.

Like all artists, my style is constantly changing and evolving. I have recently fallen in love with the world of Japanese ink painting and now mostly create in this style. Of course, you can't paint on ceramics with traditional ink, but the ceramic paints I use allow me to still represent this world on ceramics. This is what makes most of my ceramics unique. In this gallery you can see what this has resulted in.

What do you need to know about me?

I believe that beauty is a delight. I create painted ceramics with my two hands and with great love to bring happiness, joy and the joy of bestowal to others.

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