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There is magic in painting. Because when you apply the colours, it's all matte, pastel. I could say that the result is unpredictable. And that gives it its beauty. The vibrancy of the colours after burning is like when you see your favourite actor live in the corner shop, your blood pressure rises, your eyes water, your heart rate increases. It's like falling in love, just watching, staring, smiling, even grinning - beautiful!!!

My story

I started painting ceramics a few years ago under the influence of a friend. It seemed like fun, it turned me off completely. Then, over the years, I developed a passion for painting ceramics. Over the years I have painted countless ceramics as gifts for various occasions - birthdays, wedding anniversaries, weddings, Christmas. And seeing the reactions of my family, friends and acquaintances, I began to think that I could bring joy to a wider audience with my creations. After all, they are not just decorative objects, but tools for everyday life. Who wouldn't love to see the significant events of their life on their bathroom tiles, or the smile of his partner every morning when they take out their unique "birthday/received" coffee mug for their morning coffee (and I am amused at the sight of my husband).

I remember painting plates for a very good friend's birthday. Her mouth dropped open when she got it. She had never seen anything so beautiful. And she didn't dare eat from that plate for 2 years. It was made to be used, but it can also be enjoyed.

I'm always looking for new and exciting possibilities/challenges. Contact me, I look forward to the one from you.

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